Strategy Old

KasCott Consulting recommends time saving strategies that align with its customer’s project management styles. After years of engaging with numerous clients under various methodologies, it all comes down to basics. We don’t use a ‘formula’ or a ‘strategic composition”. We use basics and keep it simple.

Project Planning

Be aware of the company, pillar, division, and department’s immediate, short-term, mid-term and long-term plans. We strive to understand the environment and infrastructural needs of projects. This allows us to plan the use of the environments in such a way that each project has an opportunity for success.

People Planning

Align people to the projects. We focus on realistic resource distribution of time – not per their percentage of allocation to the project. Most resources are not dedicated. Planning must be done in a short-termed fashion because things – and people – frequently change.

Roles and Responsibilities

There must be a clear delineation of responsibilities across project roles. Clearly defining roles helps each person to understand what he/she has ownership of, reduces responsibility jockeying and arguments. People work better when roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.



Understand the priorities for each resource. We all think our projects take priority. But, the manager of each resource must understand the pull on his/her resource and be expected to step in and align priorities should they change. The same goes for the order of tasks. Tasks must be prioritized.


Everyone knows the importance of communication but many may not realize it. Everyone must assume the responsibility to ensure communication remains open and inclusive. Enforce an environment that allow team members to complete thoughts without interruptions. Each team member must feel that their input matters.


Identify the most productive hours for each team member. Some are morning people. Some are not. Structure meetings to allow people to optimize their most productive time of the day. Our resource planning approach identifies and utilizes people’s OTD (Optimal time of day).

KasCott Consulting will help your team understand and refine your project process to integrate the above time saving strategies.

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